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Guitars of Pikesville: Providing music and spiritual activities for :

Memory Care Facilities, Nursing Homes,
Day Programs, Senior Centers,
Synagogues, Concerts and
Community organizations.
I also love to provide ambient background music; anywhere!

"It has been a true privilege to have Joshua entertain residents in our retirement community here throughout the years.
He has a unique way of blending his masterful guitar skills with a soothing & mellow sound that keeps you captivated the whole time
True talent is looking around a room of 20 year olds up to 100 year olds and seeing everyone tap and sing along."

Mellissa Kraemer ADC, ALM, CDCS Activities Directer - Pickersgill Retirement Community - Towson, MD


Lara Rittberg, CTRS - Community Life Services Coordinator at North Oaks - Autumn Ridge says:

"Josh and Guitars of Pikesville has been coming to Autumn Ridge at North Oaks Retirement Community for many years. Our residents in the facility look forward to the visits. We love the music so much they come twice a month. They have a such a diverse variety of music, there is always something for everyone. We are always impressed with their talent and dedication."

Have you ever considered hosting a concert in your home? It's simple:

1) Choose an evening with us to invite our musicians to your home

2) invite people and / or make a personal event through social media

3) put out some chairs and enjoy the evening with friends

Everybody who does house concerts has their own style. Some people put out snacks. Some have a potluck dinner before the concert. Some just have the concert. You can ask for a set admission cover for the musicians or just pass the hat. You can try to make a few dollars off the event or just reimburse yourself for food and effort. Any way that fits you and your group works.

Even if your home only holds 20 guest maximum, if you were to get that many and everyone chipped in $10, that would take in $200 while providing us with a hassle free venue, natural acoustics and a nice group of folks. Your friends, neighbors, family and new friends will have a great time hearing music in an intimate, acoustically perfect setting

Call me at 410-415-5400 or email:

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Guitars of Pikesville
Guitars of Pikesville